Nefol: Part 2 Progress & Cast Page

I don’t actually have any screens or exciting content development to share this week, though I do have good news!

If you didn’t check it out already, we released the Part 1 video last week. I’ve decided to go with naming them “Parts” rather than “Chapters” as it makes more sense that way now that the story is in a game format.

Last weekend, I finished coding in the final story section of Nefol Part 2. It feels longer as a whole, and took a lot longer to create than Part 1 did, but it should be ready for video conversion soon. I’m trying to space our video releases about a month apart, so be looking for that sometime mid-May.

Syn and I also finished scripting Nefol Part 3! New script! The story is moving forward! Woo!

I foresee a number of new art assets required for this part once it gets translated into the game. So I have no real sense of how long this will take me to get Part 3 coded. But after that, I think we’ll be heading into the Rai camp, which Syn has been working on designing and writing during this time. We’ll see how the script moves us.

Along side of actual game content, I also created a Cast Page for Nefol on this site. So far, I’ve included the characters you’ve met in some form or another, even the ones that were more like cameos.

I’ll be updating more on this next week I hope!


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