Nefol: Creating the Man Braid


So, today I’m going to talk about man braids. In particular, Zento’s man braid.

Zento has always had one single long braid down his back. That’s just been a defining feature of his character’s design. The only issue here is that the character generator in RPG Maker MV does not provide that sort of hairstyle.

It has an option for a long, thin ponytail for males, and a double braid for females. I was using the ponytail option for Zento’s demo sprite like so:


I did a lot of searching for a user-created single braid download, but had no luck. However, I already had installed custom character generator content that converted female hair styles for male usage. So, I had a double braid template that I could use and modify.

That’s what I ended up doing. I decided that I wanted to make it a piece for the character generator so I could use it again on characters in the future. This required several different generator pieces to be graphically edited from two braids to one.


When I was done, however, the final result was exactly what I was looking for in a Zento character!


That looks much more like Zento!

I also started making other NPC characters like this one below. Bet you don’t know who this is (and it’s probably not who you think…).


I’m also moving the team from the first set of the introduction into a new room. I haven’t finished decorating this room yet, and all the characters aren’t there, but here’s a first look at the very beta version.


Next week, I hope to start working on setting up interacting dialogue, which means I will need to create facial expressions for the conversation. Using the character generator, this shouldn’t be too hard, I hope!


7 thoughts on “Nefol: Creating the Man Braid

  1. Would you be up for sharing the braid as a generator piece? >.> I’ve been searching for ages and only just found yours! I don’t want to try myself because it never turns out right <.< And I sadly have a male character that needs a single braid lol


    1. Hi there! I’d be happy to share my braid with you! You can download it from my Dropbox here:

      You will need to put the generator files in the individual folders — not sure if you’ve done that before. Mine are located at: C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonRPG Maker MVGenerator

      If you drag and drop the Generator folder from my .rar file into the folder with your Generator folder, the files should drop into the proper folders. However, if you have other custom content numbered the same as this (this braid is male RearHair_p17) it will overwrite it! So be careful! You might have to re-number my braid before you stick it in the folder!

      Here’s a bit of a tutorial on that, and there are videos about this as well if you need to look it up. Good luck!


      1. Yay, thanks!

        And thanks for the links and instructions but I do know how to do it all. I love collecting new pieces for my generator aha XD

        Thanks again!


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