Announcing Nefol – RPG Maker Game

Nefol has been one of those projects that Syn and I have really wanted to create and work on, but just haven’t found the right medium to present it. We’ve begun it several times in different formats. We have kicked around the idea of turning it into a visual novel, a written story, a script story and most lately a webcomic. Though, I admit, the webcomic idea was mostly me just working on art and being impatient with how Nefol hasn’t developed over the years.

Over the holidays, Syn and I decided to pick up a copy of RPG Maker MV while it was still on sale. Today, we spent a good chunk of time checking out the software and how it works. We also checked out the modding community and resources we could pick up. Overall, we determined that the tool and base assets will provide us with what we need to begin building the story of Nefol in an RPG Maker game format.

I will say up front that neither of us are game developers. We’re just two creative people who want to have fun messing around with making a fantasy story into an RPG game. The game will be distributed for free. I’ll probably record it and post the playthrough on YouTube so that people who don’t want to play the game but just want to watch the story can do that, too.

I’m also excited to begin keeping a developer’s blog on the planning, resources, tools and processes that go into making this game. We had a little experience many years back creating a small game using RPG Maker 2K, but it’s been many years. So, we’re coming into this with a vague remembrance, but mostly as noobs.

I’m excited to announce this project, and hope that you’ll join us as I chronicle our game making adventures!


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